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Serving deliciously authentic Vietnamese dishes at bargain prices.


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On Kensington Avenue in the heart of Kensington, most people expect to find the run down junkie or the dope dealer under the el. The hopeless scene turns many people away from ever venturing down the way.

But if one is brave, or a hipster, you can find the jewels of Kensington flavor; one of which is my favorite, Thang Long. Thang Long is a hole in the wall Vietnamese jawn that will rock your taste buds.

If youre the foodie type, and looking to really take the language barrier step in food menus, this is where you gotta go next.

I highly recommend as a starter to go for the Crab and Shrimp Spring Roll, however if you have more than two people with you get another order because you will fight over these. They are crispy with a flakey crust, and a moist seafood complexion of goodness. Whatever the oil dipping sauce that comes with it, pairs beautifully.

Ive had the pho numerous times here before and its savory and always the safe bet, however tonight... tonight I went out on a limb and got something I never tried before and that was: the Hanoi grilled pork belly and meatballs over vermicelli. I took a risk.

Moving to Kensington was a risk, but this menu option was the taste risk where I didnt know what would happen. After my first bite, my eyes were open to what riches I have been missing! The fresh herbs, the tender and juicy pork, ugh! The flavor bang in your mouth leaves for wanting more. I wish I had more typing this! Absolutely to die for. You do not need to be a foodie to get down with this, definitely something worth trying.

-if you call them, their menu prices are cheaper than on here or any online platform
-if you go to the restaurant, it is a safe place to park, dont worry, a junkie does not want to break into your Prius. -just park on Kensington
-take the risk! Try something new!


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THIS IS ONLY FOR THE RESTAURANT AND NOT FOR GRUB HUBS DELIVERY SERVICE. food was and always is impeccable. My favorite pho Ive ever had, also very large portions. Grub hub sucks so bad with their delivery that its embarrassing they continue to offer it as an option. Scheduled an order for 5pm. It shows up an hour late and the driver wouldnt knock on my door for some reason? He had grub hub call me to tell me the food was there with no knock. Their solution? They offer my a discount code. Not a refund on the $4.99 delivery charge. Theyre trash as a company.


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I've ordered from Thang Long Pho three times in the last two weeks since I moved into my new home. They are ALWAYS at my door in UNDER THIRTY MINUTES and the food is delicious. The chicken noodle pho is authentic with a huge serving of chicken and an enormous amount of flavor. The spring rolls with shrimp & crab are out of this world. I'm thrilled to have discovered this restaurant - it's already a staple in our house & I can tell that it will be for a long time to come!


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Ordered the Hanoi Grilled Pork Belly and Meatballs Banh Mi. It was really tasty and I will get it again no doubt. The Chicken Bahn Mi was also really good, but if I would have to choose, I would go for the Pork Belly option. I asked them to please omit the cilantro and give me some basil on the side instead. It arrived here much faster than promised which was also appreciated.


3 reviews
Was actually surprised at how damn everything good was. I usually don't write reviews but when the foods that good I have no choice but to. The broth even came so hot that I didn't have to Re-boil it like you usually do when you get take out pho. Lemongrass beef and rice was off the hook I will definitely be re-ordering again and again. Glad I found this place

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1 review
They are my favorite local place to get Pho.
They deliver consistent, delicious food.


2 reviews
Delicious and simple pho and banh mi.


Top Reviewer
Best Pho in North Philly!

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Phan and Dung Tran first came to the United States in 1983. In the late 8s they began selling cheap and tasty meals from their lunch truck in Center City. In 1995 they opened a karaoke bar in Kensington, where they served up tasty cuisines and a fun nightlife. After 1 years Phan and Dung decided to revamp their business as a restaurant. In 24 Dung went back to Vietnam to research recipes, focusing on only the freshest ingredients and a family recipe for a slow-cooked broth. Thang Long Noodle Restaurant opened its doors in 27 and has been a fixture in Kensingtons Vietnamese community ever since! Come Discover what sets us apart from other restaurants ‚ fresh ingredients at a cheap price, in a clean family-run establishment. At Thang Long we serve up world-class Vietnamese dishes at friendly prices.come have lunch, dinner, or just stop by for a beer or bubble tea!